Services that grow with your code

People expect computer-based systems to be free from errors. Just judging by the sustained frequency of incidents reported in the popular media about the occurrence of software bugs and their negative consequences, it is fair to assume that we have not come much closer to achieving this goal. It is still a challenge to develop software that functions correctly.

Organisations depend on correctly functioning software to fulfil their goals. The HSR Correctness Lab offers support in a variety of techniques and technologies that aim to increase the reliability of your software. These techniques range from testing and reviews, all the way to formal methods, which make proofs of critical properties of entire systems possible.

Software Development

Development of Software and Custom Algorithms to suit your exact needs.

Software Health Check

Independently judge the quality of your software project.

Software Reviews

Reviews and recommendations to supplement your software development process.


Consultation on various issues related to software correctness.


Tailored Courses of varying length on specific aspects and techniques to ensure software correctness.