Dafny for Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code Plugin implementing Dafny Support

Dafny is a programming language with a program verifier. As you type in your program, the verifier constantly looks over your shoulders and flags any errors.

The plugin is available on the Visual Studio Marketplace and on


  • Compile and run .dfy files.
    • Automatic installation of the newest Dafny version.
  • Automatic verification as one types.
    • Errors, warnings and hints are shown through the VSCode interface.
    • When there are no errors, you get a 👍 on the status bar.
  • Syntax highlighting thanks to sublime-dafny. See file LICENSE_sublime-dafny.rst for license.
  • Display counter example for failing proof.
  • IntelliSense for classes and CodeLens showing method references.


assertions animation


On the first start the plugin asks you to install Dafny automatically.

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Add null check

Some diagnostics can be directly inserted with a quickfix at the beginning of a line.

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Compile and Run

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Show Counter Example

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